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Ear Protect Häusler – We are specialists for professional and customized hearing protection. We made lots of experiences by leading our hearing-aid shops and our laboratory specialised in producing earmolds. So we are the right partner for you to find the correct hearing protection solution.

Receive everything from a one-stop shop – expert advice, accurate ear impressions, the manufactoring and the final checkup: Quality „Made in Germany“.

David Häusler
David Häusler, CEO, Audiology Manager, Ear Protection Specialist

David Häusler

The right protection for every situation

An overview of our product recommendations, split up by their area of application.

Areas of Application

Our Products

Our products enable you to enjoy the sounds of the world permanently and enhances the quality of your life. They’re certified and by proven material hardly noticeable, which ensures high comfort when worn.


Production process from A to Z

Just like a tailor-made suit, our hearing protection is produced by precise manufacture to fit your ears perfectly. By proven material it’s hardly noticeable and ensures high comfort when worn. For this purpose, one of our hearing care professionals takes an ear impression to accurately represent the shape of your ear. It’s a one-stop shop!

Production process

Why do you need professional hearing protection?

What’s important about professional hearing protection and why you should never endanger your hearing by chance.

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