Production process – A one-stop shop


Together with you we will work out an individual requirement profile. So we make sure that you will get the optimal hearing protection solution.


Ear impression

After a detailed anamnesis and an otoscopic examination of your ear our acoustic experts will take individual ear moulds. So we get a precise reproduction of the ear canal, which we use as template for our production. This garantuees the optimal fitting of the product.



The ear mould takes the direct way for further processing to the otofaktur, our laboratory. An negative impression will be produced and the blank hearing protection is casted. Then we take the blank hearing protection to match it with the ear impression. The filter and the supplementary equipment will be added to finish the production of the hearing protection.

otofaktur – professionell, effizient, flexibel


Distribution / Final check

On delivery of the hearing protections the customer will get a detailed introduction on usage and care of his new product. The acoustic experts will also practise the correct insertion. Finally we will check the accuracy of fit and test the thightness via "Eprometer" to garauntee your the optimal protection.



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